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Good Evening  - Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Big or Small...Whether you are shooting a full length feature, a 10 second commercial or a still print ad. Give us a call - we have done it all
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Canada Office: 604.607.8833
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  Beyond Just Bears has wild or domestic animals For your project 

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Who we are....
Creative Animal Talent is owned and operated by Mark & Dawn Dumas, who combined have 50 years of experience training animals for camera. Mark and Dawn Dumas have worked all over the world, from Europe to China, Canada, the United States and the Arctic Circle. Mark's extensive background began on a lion ranch in California. From there, he spent the next fifteen years working for Steve Martin's Working Wildlife, training everything from armadillos to zebra; but specializing in big bears. Dawn started Training animals for film in 1983 with a very small company
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based in Los Angeles, where she handled everything from the animal training to the advertising. They met, married and moved to Canada in 1987, where they began Creative Animal Talent. They also at this time started their family, with son Jason. They started out as a small company in the developing Vancouver film industry, and boomed along with the industry to the point where they are now home to a diverse variety of over 100 animals. To find out more about their credits check out the Feature Films, Television and Commercials credit sections of this site. We not only train domestic and exotic animals for film, video and stage we also enjoy sharing these animals with others that love them as much as we do. As you will see from pictures in our gallery the animals that we care for are not only talented and adorable but they are members of our family. Please take a look around and feel free to contact us...we enjoy hearing from you.
Corporate Objectives....
To supply the film industry with the best well-trained animals for each production, and to promote and encourage the "positive reinforcement" training methods used exclusively by Creative Animal Talent. Creative Animal Talent has a large network of reliable contacts that can supply any number of a wide variety of animals and years of know-how to adapt to your specific needs. This network makes virtually any species of animal, reptile, insect or bird available to you.
We can assist in concept development, choreographing animal action/stunts and budget breakdowns. Call us to coordinate cost-effective animal action for your project!